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The 3 Best Exercises

Posted: 19th October 2012 by E.J. Reeves in fat loss, muscle building
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There can be many candidates for “best” exercise if we added qualifiers like, Best for: Muscle building Aerobic fitness Flexibility Heart health Weight Loss Stress relief Functional Strength To make the list of the top 3 exercises that everyone should benefit from would not only include some of the above qualifiers but more.  Here they […]

High Blood Pressure & Strength Training

Posted: 13th October 2012 by E.J. Reeves in high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure should you strength train? The easy answer is no. The standard or safe answer but it may not be correct for most people. As we age, heart risks including higher blood pressure become a greater likelihood. So the typical solution would be diet, aerobic exercise and possibly medication. To […]

The Mental Edge

Posted: 2nd October 2012 by E.J. Reeves in motivation

When building a better body, many talk about the mind muscle connection when working out. Engaging the mind for focus and concentration elevates your workout to maximum effectiveness. In 12BX the strict form, muscle flexing and stretching forces the mind to connect to your muscles throughout the workout. The complete mental advantage begins before the […]