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Forever Young Workout

Posted: 9th April 2013 by E.J. Reeves in dips, pull ups

Exercise has long been touted as the fountain of youth by doctors and fitness writers. The problem for most of us is finding the time, money, energy and correct routine. Top this off with nagging injuries that sideline us just as we start making progress. Enter my Forever Young Routine that solves these problems. #1 […]

Dealing with thousands of customers over a decade has lead me to some startling insights into what can release a persons real fitness potential. There are consistent triggers or keys if you wish that have the ability not only to make you reach your fitness goals but to surpass them. The starting point of a […]

The Metabolic Truth

Posted: 4th April 2013 by E.J. Reeves in diet, lifestyle

Have you ever heard someone say the reason for their excess weight was their metabolism was slow? Of course you have but it is NOT true. Well in at least 90% of cases we control our metabolism by our habits. Yes, we control our metabolism and consequently our weight gain or loss. Before you write […]