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Triple Your Muscle Growth Potential

Posted: 28th August 2013 by E.J. Reeves in muscle building, pull ups

“In weight training, there’s only one scientific fact: progressive overloads builds muscle.” John Dunn, New York Giants conditioning coach’s quote is true but how to progressively overload is littered with countless theories that would take a lifetime to personally explore to test their veracity. Training for almost fifty years and making plenty of mistakes I […]

Get Lean & Stay Lean: 5 Foods That Will Shed Unwanted Fat

Posted: 20th August 2013 by E.J. Reeves in diet, fat loss

Whenever we see a lean athletic build we presume that the person sporting those razor sharp abs has denied himself to the extreme in the form of diet. A frequent comment that I hear from people is that I must be very careful on what I eat and spend considerable time working out. Well I […]