By E.J. Reeves

Edward James ‘E.J.’ Reeves, 57 year old creator of the 12BX Fitness Formula and President of Easyeffort, shares his workout secrets! Easyeffort is a family owned and operated business. We designed and sold our first doorway pull up bar in March 2000. We promote a fitness lifestyle with free information and continued product support after the sale. Crucial to EJs muscular development has been his use of Easyeffort fitness products including use of both a doorway pull up bar as well as a ceiling mount chin up bar in his basement.

EJ & Marlene having fun shooting a fitness video

EJ & Marlene having fun shooting a fitness video

  1. Darrell Beachy says:

    Is the 12 BX available to purchase? I was not able to find it online?

    Darrell Beachy

  2. shorty says:

    You both look fantasic! I have a question, did marlene follow the workout plan for the 12bx? I am looking at useing this for my boxing ( to show my students that they can put there minds to anything that comes by) as Well i am looking in to doing a show soon, for bodybuilding for teens. if you can let me know if it for sure will work for woman, (I am thinking it would but not too sure if it will work as well for us woman) Again you both look awesome! good work, both of you worked hard!!!!!

    • E.J. Reeves says:

      Hi Shorty: Marlene was introduce to 12BX in the spring of 2009 and loved it!
      She has done all types of body weight moves since she was in gymnastics at 16. 12BX is very unique but if you needed something that is close to volume, days off, intensity, then a woman’s competition bodybuilding routine would come close.I have built my body through 12BX from 47 to 57 so I believe teens, women and the 40 plus group would find it very effective.Once you get past the eight or ninth level you will find that it will challenge even the fittest and strongest of young men.By the way Marlene always finishes first in the police departments push up test.

  3. Shane says:

    Mr. Reeves:

    I am appreciative of the information you have put on your website regarding bodyweight conditioning. I also appreciate the array of products you offer. For those of us who are on the road alot (I am a college golf coach) the travel pullup bar and the travel pushup bar look to be fantastic. However, the reason i am writing is to find out how to order your 12BX Fitness Formula (order information, cost, etc.). Would you be kind enough to send me information on how to order? I would very much appreciate it. To your continued success.

    Kindest Regards,

    Shane Warren

    • E.J. Reeves says:

      Hi Shane: I am glad you like the info and product. We do work hard to provide the best of both. The 12BX DVD pack is scheduled to go to the replicating company any day now. We are hoping to be taking orders before the end of August. We have our fingers crossed. Keep working out. Keep in touch!

      E. J. Reeves

  4. Jon F. says:

    Just bought the new pull up bar and think it great. Considering the 12bx dvd but was curious about your recommendations for lower body workout at home.

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