Anti-Aging “The Process”

Posted: 9th January 2012 by E.J. Reeves in aging

I address this article to everyone who is old enough to read. We all age every day. Why then, are not the signs of aging apparent in the first 20 years of our life but become noticeable in the next 20 years of our life? To understand the basic mechanics of our growth as adolescences, and our development in puberty, leads us to the foundation of anti-aging, with the reversal of those symptoms. There is a dormant volcano of rejuvenation in all of us, that needs to be tapped, for a wonderful vitality many think only belong to the young.

EJ @ 18 Years, a bit pudgy

EJ @ 18 Years, a bit pudgy

To grow in adolescence the body produces human growth hormone that not only gives rapid growth in size and stature of children but gives them their boundless energy. In puberty, sex hormones, like estrogen for women and testosterone for men, cause the dramatic changes in body shape. Gangly boys are transformed into well muscled men, as do young girls change with the additional charms, that are readily noticed by their male counter parts. All these extraordinary changes plus the drive and desire so typical of youth. Shortly after our teen years the production of these hormones starts an alarming drop. By the age of forty, suddenly there is a multitude of aging signs we must contend with. These are, loss of strength,muscle size ,vitality, sex drive, energy level, skin tone, accumulation of excess body fat, and as the list grows we assume that, well ” I am getting old” and we accept these symptoms as normal for our age. This need not be the case! There is a rejuvenation process that will reverse many of the so called symptoms of age. Youthful vigor at any age is possible, and has been attained regularly, by those disciplined to follow the “process”.

EJ @ 30, still soft with spindly arms

EJ @ 30, still soft with spindly arms

This “process” stimulates the production of the two main hormones associated with youthful vigor. This “process” begins with exercise,then a judicious diet, with proper supplementation and completing the gospels with a positive mental attitude. Like the four Gospels of the New Testament these four (exercise,diet,supplements,mental attitude) constitute the canon for anti-aging.

When I was 18, at my prime, I wore 30″ waist pants, wrestled in the 135 lb. class and sported arms 12 1/2″ in circumference when flexed. Forty-two years later, I still wear 30″ pants but I weight in at 165 lbs and sport 16 1/2 ” arms. My muscle mass has jumped 30 lbs and my body fat % has dropped to levels lower than my teens (12 years on the process). So you see some of the key signs of aging can be reversed and  may even surpass our youth.

EJ @ 50, not bad

EJ @ 50, not bad

The “process” is not a hit and miss, quick fix, do anything type of protocol. The hallmark of all four parts are the need  to be consistent (daily), of the right type, the right quality and quantity of exercise, diet, supplementation and mental attitude. Each deserve at the very least, one explanatory article, for you to begin to grasp the processes within that are waiting to be released. We all can benefit from the “process”, both young and old, male and female, rich or poor for all the hormone producing mechanisms are in our bodies. Anti-aging clinics charge tens of thousands of dollars to lead you through the four part “process”. The ultra rich have enjoyed tremendous rejuvenation from these highly monitored regiments. Yet for all their money and professional help they must apply themselves diligently to the process as outlined by their monitors. This will be the same thing that I will ask you to do!

EJ @ 57, better than 50, 30 or even 18

EJ @ 57, better than 50, 30 or even 18

If you take the time to read,understand,then implement, I will be most willing to share these hormone producing parts with you. I have spoken openly about these results orientated methods before. They have worked for me and they will work for you.

Here is an overview of the process number one starter.


#1 Type of exercise

#2 Timing of exercise

#3 Intensity of exercise

#4 Volume of exercise

#5 Frequency of exercise

#6 Balance thru monitoring

#7 Pit falls to avoid

Next week (or so) will delve into the kick starter of exercise. Till next week log some work outs and see that even ANY work out will begin a positive process in your body. To optimize this process, we will explain proper, sustainable, results producing, body enhancing exercise!

  1. Hayden says:

    Hello E.J.,
    This is a marvelous and very interesting post. I really look forward to the coming chapters of this.
    It is my understanding historically, that the ancient Spartans were not made battle officers until they were in their fifties or sixties. The younger warriors had not yet had time to develope both the physical and mental capabilities of their older counterparts. Just the OPPOSITE of todays societys.
    It seems that as a society, they had put into practice at least some of those good principals that you listed in this post! I truly do appreciate you posting this kind of very usable and workable information.
    Again, I am looking forward to this!

    • E.J. Reeves says:

      Hi Hayden,Thanks for the comment, I really have enjoyed being able to share these principals on my blog.Totally awesome about the ancient Spartans view of strength and wisdom growing with age,I gotta check that out .Thanks again!

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