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5 Overlooked Techniques for Bigger Muscles

Posted: 11th September 2013 by E.J. Reeves in motivation, muscle building

Most of my workouts are performed at home by myself but when I travel I get to see plenty of people training in the gyms that I visit. What shocks me is that many people limit their training effectiveness by neglecting some or all five techniques that I feel are crucial to having the best […]

Triple Your Muscle Growth Potential

Posted: 28th August 2013 by E.J. Reeves in muscle building, pull ups

“In weight training, there’s only one scientific fact: progressive overloads builds muscle.” John Dunn, New York Giants conditioning coach’s quote is true but how to progressively overload is littered with countless theories that would take a lifetime to personally explore to test their veracity. Training for almost fifty years and making plenty of mistakes I […]

The key to continuous growth of strength and muscle is to vary (or cycle) your work outs to allow a multitude of growth factors to be working. To stimulate muscle growth there are some key variables, these include but are not limited to speed of each repetition, number of repetitions, total number of sets per […]

Sustainable Growth

Posted: 22nd May 2013 by E.J. Reeves in chin ups, dead lifts, dips, muscle building, pull ups

During the 80’s businesses analyzed their operation for sustainable growth. They grew tired of the boom/bust cycle, resource wasting, and environment polluting ways of the past. A new philosophy of resource sparing, efficient, slow but consistent growth emerged that left both the business and the environment healthier. Taking a lesson from this can you say […]

The 3 Best Exercises

Posted: 19th October 2012 by E.J. Reeves in fat loss, muscle building
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There can be many candidates for “best” exercise if we added qualifiers like, Best for: Muscle building Aerobic fitness Flexibility Heart health Weight Loss Stress relief Functional Strength To make the list of the top 3 exercises that everyone should benefit from would not only include some of the above qualifiers but more.  Here they […]