Exercise “Charging The Batteries”

Posted: 23rd January 2012 by E.J. Reeves in lifestyle

When I turn the ignition on my vehicle, the battery is connected to the starter, immediately electrical energy flows, from the battery to the stater, which in turn the stater changes into mechanical energy by turning the engine over, allowing it to start. When the engine is running it turns the alternator mechanically and the alternator in turn changes this to electrical energy that flows to the battery. The battery is a chemical storage unit for energy, storing electricity in the chemicals and lead plates.

We are like our cars battery, a chemical storage unit so to speak. We are constantly producing chemical reactions in our bodies in response to activities. There is the digestive system, circulatory system, reproductive system as well as many more that all have there chemical reactions. We are concerned only by two key hormones that we produce and with increased production when we exercise.
We need to address the decline of growth hormone as well as testosterone in our body. Well you say why not just make these hormones and inject them into your body, problem solved, Yes? No, this will only further exasperate the problem by shutting down our own natural production of these hormones.

20 Years Separate EJ & Marlene

20 Years Separate EJ & Marlene

We are a mechanical machine that needs to function regularly at near peak performance daily.When we do this we mechanically, by exercise stimulate a host of positive chemical reactions in our bodies,not the least of which is hormone production. These hormones are directly linked to increased muscle,decreased fat, stronger libido, better sleep, better mood,better energy and others that seem to increase our vitality.This reversal of the signs of aging are readily within our grasp.

So I made my case for exercise, but what specifically because many “work out” with less than dramatic results.

#1 The type of exercise that is most effective in soliciting an increase in hormone production is a multi-joint( 1/3rd), moving your body( 1/3rd) freely(1/3rd) through space movement. A pull up is one example of a compound exercise that freely moves your body through space. Do the same movement seated on a lat machine and you eliminate the body moving through space, one third less effective. Now isolate your lats or biceps with a machine that guides you through the movement you delete another third of effectiveness, two thirds less effective. Pull ups are very effective in recruiting most of the upper body muscles to complete and they are difficult. When is the last time you saw someone spend a half hour doing pull ups at your gym, not likely. You can pick any exercise you please but know you sacrifice some effectiveness in increasing hormone production.

#2 The timing of exercise can have a dramatic effect on hormone production. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach after a 15 hour fast. This is actually harder than it sounds and it sounds difficult. So much for a pre-workout energy drink. Why this is so effective is complex, but here is the short version. When we exercise with intensity after being totally carbohydrate depleted our bodies respond to this extreme physical stress with extra hormone production. I cannot regularly do the above protocol but I do work out in the morning on an empty stomach (10 hours fasting).

#3 Intensity of exercise is much talked about by many but what it means is not clear to most. Turn on your TV and your work out guru will say things like “push hard, two more reps, feel the burn.” What he is attempting to do is to challenge you to greater intensity but he does not show you. Intensity is a mind set that starts with the first rep,it is focused,strict, using your mind to challenge your body. What we typically see is loud grunting,sloppy form,excessive weights used with little range of motion. If every rep is strict with your mind moving yourself through the range of motion,you may have achieved intensity. You will know because of the amount of consistent mental focus you used. Hormone production responds only to intense physical exercise.

#4 The volume or the amount of work performed during each workout greatly affects hormone production and of course muscle growth. Too many people stop short of enough volume to effectively do anything. Spending an hour and a half in the gym does not guarantee you meet your necessary work load. About 100 reps of a compound movement, with slow, strict reps, placing the muscles under tension for several seconds per rep should begin to meet this key volume.

#5 The frequency of repeating this workout is very important. Repeat this, without completely resting the muscle group, will only cause you to over train and thus go backwards, rather than progress forward. Waiting too many days for rest and you will loss the potential for more gains. The body needs enough stress to challenge it but not so much that it drains the body. The standard is 72 hours rest for that particular muscle group ,then another intense workout. Typically my body needs an additional 24 hours rest and every four days of the same muscle groups works best for me. I have divide my body into four muscle groups with corresponding strength work outs. Aerobics is squeezed in as extra or on days off but you can cut back on the number of strength work outs in favor of more aerobics. Remember to daily stir the chemical pot of our body with some intense exercise.

#6 We balance the above five work out factors by recording our progress in a daily work out log. Only by putting down on paper what we did and how we respond in subsequent work outs will we have an idea what factors need to be increased or decreased. Under stress your body and their is no stimulation of these hormones and if you over stress the body it will react by producing negative, fat producing hormones like cortisol.

#7 Some typical pitfalls of following this protocol is that if we cannot perform all the factors to the letter then we might not bother at all. This is not true,every effort you make in each of the above factors has a positive effect. No one will immediately be able to adopt totally and consistently this protocol. I remember my first attempt at this protocol, after the first work I could barely function, later I tried again and was successful for a three week period before hitting the over training wall. It was many more attempts before there would be three or four month stretches of consistent work outs.

Rival Any Competitive Model or Bodybuilder Half Their Ages

Rival Any Competitive Model or Bodybuilder Half Their Ages

To summarize: Workout daily 3 strength with 3 aerobics day
or 6 strength with 2or 3 extra aerobic sessions.

Work out mornings (if possible) and or, on empty stomach ,and or, preceded by a long fast up to (10- 15) hours.

Work out intently, strictly and with great mental focus.

Work out with limited rest between sets,cut out the socializing til your work load is complete.

Work out on schedule,missed days should be rare,something should be done daily,one days rest every 7 to 8 days is plenty of rest days.

Work out log is a priority.

Work out as often, as regular as you can and do not give up, even if you fall off the wagon, so to speak, for days or weeks,get back into it.

Get into the work out habit,next is diet,but diet is off little use if you cannot consistently apply some of the above principles for exercise. Next week or so we will see how diet can further optimize our workouts and their hormone production in our bodies for rejuvenation.

  1. johnny says:

    Hi EJ!

    I’m confused. As per your your recommendations, I was building up to doing 10 sets of 10 of pull ups and parallel bar dips, twice a week, totaling 200 of each per week.

    In this article you suggest 3 strength day per week. Does this mean that the pull up/dip count now goes up to 300 each per week?


  2. Hayden says:

    Hello E.J.
    Again, a very good and USABLE post! Clear and concise, able to be understood and applied. I am working on the fast time each night. I am fairly regular for a 10 hour nightly fast. I will move that up to 11 hours hopefully, then to 12. Will see how long it takes. I do use herbal teas with stevia in the late evening along with a few herbal supplements. ( None caloric )
    I am also working on INTENSITY level. This morning I was able to perform 116 push-ups in 10 minutes using the wide position on the Atlas bar. I tried to go slow and steady, stopping and inch or two from the bottom and not quite locking out at the top to keep tension on the chest, deltoids and triceps. at the end I did a static hold as long as I could manage. This seems to help me with fat burn and lean muscle. Then did two other 10 minute sessions in similar fashion. Today was a “push” day, tomorrow will be a “pull” day. Am moving forward in this slowly but steadily. Thanks for all of your help and for these great posts.

  3. Hi EJ!

    You recommend on the above post three strength weekly workouts.

    You also recommend 100 reps of a compound movement (pull ups and parallel bar dips).

    You have previously recommended 200 reps of a compound movement per week.


    Do I divide 200 reps by three workouts per week – 67 reps per workout?

    Or if I have to do 100 reps per workout, can I reduce my strength workouts to two per week, thus meeting the 200 weekly reps requirement?


    • E.J. Reeves says:

      Hi beeronthefridge
      2×100 reps per week is a good intermediate work load,3×50 is a good novice load ,3×120 reps is a good advanced load for a particular work ou or body part..12Bx is set up to average things out and use both reps frequency,intensity rest time ,etc,so please follow as closely as you can .If you are able to finish level 12 easily you can begin to add some additional work load in any form previously mentioned.If you cannot do level 1 then you need to modify the work out with more rest.The DVDS should lead you through most levels until you grow out of the program.The blogs give principles that you can apply in addition to what ever work out you are doing,not replace it.The ideal would be to workout daily which is not possible for most.This is why you have three day a week ,four day a week,five,and six which depends on your consistent capability.The best compromise is a four day a week program like 12Bx two pullup days and two pushup/dip days with 100 reps each workout.Each article is meant to encourage readers to add appropriate element as their fitness level grows.Fitness is a movimg target that is why 12BX is broken down into 12 levels to meet this challenge,so follow closely if you can.

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