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Supplements – Do I need them?

Posted: 7th March 2012 by E.J. Reeves in supplements

Supplements and vitamins will have little impact without a balanced, nutritious diet.  And diet will have little impact on your performance and fitness levels without exercise. So you see supplements are the next logical step to optimize your fitness goals that you are pursuing with exercise and diet.  There are many excellent formulations out in […]

Rejuvenate with Food

Posted: 28th February 2012 by E.J. Reeves in diet, lifestyle

Inactivity, along with poor diet, are largely responsible for pre-mature aging of our bodies.  Hormonal production during puberty, and for half a dozen years after, is almost unaffected by poor food choices or inactivity.  That is why we cannot see the correlation of inactivity with poor diet as major contributors to aging.  Not until we […]