The Metabolic Truth

Posted: 4th April 2013 by E.J. Reeves in diet, lifestyle

Have you ever heard someone say the reason for their excess weight was their metabolism was slow? Of course you have but it is NOT true. Well in at least 90% of cases we control our metabolism by our habits. Yes, we control our metabolism and consequently our weight gain or loss. Before you write me off as an unreasonable, unsympathetic, and uninformed writer, let me list the habits of people with a fast metabolism.

#1 Eats more often

#2 Eats small meals

#3 Eats lean protein at every meal

#4 Sleeps well

#5  Works with intensity

#6 Plays with intensity

#7 Lifts weights with intensity

#8 Does aerobics with intensity

#9 Drinks 8 glasses or more of water

#10 The most helpful person in many situations

Reaching for daily opportunities to speed up metabolism

Reaching for daily opportunities to speed up metabolism

We would have to have lived in a cave if we have never heard repeatedly that we should eat up to five small high protein meals to build muscle and lose fat. How about the well established bodily needs for adequate sleep, hydration and activity levels that studies have shown we require? Yes we do know this but time, neglect, and age factors have all conspired against us to slow our metabolism down. We have sunk into HABITS that progressively slowed our metabolism. So the logical person would reason that adopting fast metabolism HABITS will speed up our fat loss.


Every day can be an opportunity to add habits that will speed up our activity, our health and our vitality. If you have a day timer how will you fit in the ten habits? It could look like this:

6:00 AM out of bed then 50 pull ups and 100 push ups ( sets of 8 to 20 reps)
6:30 AM shower then drink half liter of water with Whey protein.
6:55 AM arrive at work with three prepared snacks and two liters of bottled water.
7:00 AM lead work crew with 15 minutes of light calisthenics and stretching.
10:00 AM Coffee break with cup of microwave oat meal, yogurt and fresh berries.
12:00  to 12:30 PM  lunch break with whole wheat bread Tuna sandwich and a 20 minute walk  out doors.
2:00 PM Coffee Break with Green tea and apple
4:00 PM  Brisk walk to farthest end of parking lot then back to your car.
4:30 PM Arrive at home to prepare a romantic supper for your spouse.
5: 00 PM Pour wine, bath and scented candles for a relaxing soak for your spouse.
5:30 PM Supper and romance.
6:30 PM Clean out the storage closet for give a ways or refuse.
8:30 PM Bicycle ride around the neighborhood.
9:30 PM Evening wind down and next day planning.
10:30 PM Bed time

Sounds idyllic does it not! Real life will never allow us such a perfectly planned day but we MUST plan and implement what we can. Before you know it there are more activities in our day that increase our metabolism. The secret is always more activity every day and every week. You need to add at least 50% of the list of ten to your day, then by weeks end you should have completed every one of the ten.

This will do MORE than any gym membership or latest fade diet. Try the list for a week & put in a modest amount of planning and effort then email me your weight loss.

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