Strength, endurance and muscle size are separate goals that many pursue as if they can be obtained simultaneously and automatically with any resistance program. Well they can NOT be! To develop significantly with any of the above three would require specific and focused resistance programs to achieve results.



Training workout for endurance
15-20 reps per set @ 180 or more total reps per work out



Training workout for strength
3-5 reps per set @ 70 total reps per work out



Training workout for muscle size
8 reps per set @ 100 total reps per workout

I use the 12BX protocol for muscle size. This can be varied and is varied by me to focus on strength or endurance as well. You can work for your triple crown of fitness by varying your workouts for endurance, then strength and also muscle size.This three prong attack on fitness keeps your goals clear for every variety of workout. Can I encourage you to set at least one fitness goal from any category; endurance, strength or muscle size.

Train with purpose!

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