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Travel Doorway Pull up bar

Assembles and disassembles in seconds!

Travel bar disassembled ready for travel

Designed after the popular universal 6 grip(UD6) door mounted pull up bar by Easyeffort. This bar is a must for people who travel a lot and want a portable pull up bar for their workouts.

Use the Travel bar in the privacy of your hotel room or at home. When assembled, the bar is 41" wide and fits doorways 28" to 36". Four 7" wide hand grips. Extra thick foam fulcrums to protect your wood trim.

Note: Currently out of production. We now have a Hybrid pull up bar for travelers.

Disassembles and easily fits in your suitcase.

Travel bar quick release buttons Travel bar quick release buttons

Please note that you cannot bring the disassembled Travel bar onto a plane with your carry on luggage.

The metal parts of the Travel bar can be viewed as potential weapons by airport security. You must put the bar in a suitcase that is checked for storage in the belly of the plane, not carry on.

To assemble the bar you need to push in the double Valco button as you put the parts together and they will click in place. The double Valco buttons make a very secure joint. To disassemble the bar all you need to do is push in the double Valco buttons and pull the pieces apart.

Begin with the five pieces of the Travel bar disassembled. The center bar attaches with just one Valco button. Then assemble the two L arms with 2 Valco buttons. The overhead oak piece attaches with another 2 Valco buttons. Now your Travel bar is fully assembled and ready to use!

Travel bar completely disassembled Center bar assembled L arms assembled Wood piece added Travel bar completely assembled Travel bar ready to use in a doorway


What some of our customers are saying about the Travel bar:

  • "I received the Travel Bar today and everything works great! I really appreciate the well-thought-out design and simplicity for breaking down. Well done!". -Sande

  • "I use it all the time and I take it when I travel as well. Just used it at the Hilton in Saint John, NB" -Juergen

  • "I found your travel pull-up bar on your website; looks perfect for me, as I travel for a living." -Pete

  • "I have received my pull-up bar and loving it. I travel for work and it is nice to be able to bring the gym with me." -John Kaye