Critical factors

Incremental progression is not the only secret to the plan. 12BX™ contains the fitness formula.

  • Exercise selection
  • Repetition range
  • Total volume or # of sets/reps
  • Frequency of workouts and # of days rest
  • Intensity of workout
  • Form of exercises
  • Tempo of exercises - fast vs slow

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12BX™ Fitness Formula DVD set

EJ Reeves & Marlene MacLennan

A 4 Disk Fitness DVD Workout Package. A twelve level DVD series of bodyweight workout routines that takes you from novice to elite athlete. A different approach to in home fitness DVD's. The program follows 57 year old instructor "E.J." Reeves work out routines that progress from Novice Level 1 to the Elite Level 12 of 12BX™ 10 years in the making this bodyweight workout routine is for individuals that have limited time and energy due to other obligations. It is designed to increase fitness in 40 & 50 year olds but will work for any age! 12BX™ Fitness Formula - Condensed workout routines that push you in a progressive manner through a 12 level workout schedule on DVD for steady bodyweight gain using pull up bars, push ups & dips.

The 12BX™ DVD workout routine package contains:

  • 12 level bodyweight exercise workouts for back, biceps & shoulders, chest, triceps as well as abs
  • 6 minute extreme ultimate fitness test with scores for novice, intermediate, advanced & elite levels of program
  • 12 level workout schedule for pull ups & dips
  • 12 item nutritional check list

The correct selection of the above factors in the optimum proportions = The 12BX™ Fitness Formula 12BX™ Fitness Formula - Condensed workout routines that push you in a progressive manner through a 12 level workout schedule on DVD for steady bodyweight gain using pull up bars, push ups & dips..

  • 10 years in the making
  • For individuals that have limited time and energy due to other obligations
  • Designed to increase fitness in 40 & 50 year olds
  • Balanced focus on muscle building, endurance & fat loss
  • Design of quality, in-home exercise equipment for 12BX™
  • Budget under $200.00 complete for in home workout equipment and instructional training DVD's for 12 months
  • Functional workout fitness for work, sports, and play

About 12BX™'S Creator: E.J. Reeves

A 57 year old business man who began his fitness journey 10 years ago. Amid financial, business, and health difficulties, E.J. forged a muscular physique in his late 40's & 50's. At 57 years of age he maintains a body in the single digit fat percentage. What is even more amazing is that at the same time he built his exercise manufacturing business from scratch!

12BX™ fitness formula is for real people in the real world who want a body that will carry them into all the activities life has to offer! 12BX™ Fitness Formula is unlike any other workout DVD routine you have seen before.

4 Goals 12BX™ is designed for you to achieve:


This is the first result you will see very early on. The ability to pull or push your own weight will amaze you!


Shortly after you will develop muscular endurance. That is the power to repeat consistently strength moves over an extended time.


With your newly developed strength and endurance the mirror will show you muscle growth. Muscle will act as an armor for your joints and an engine to boost your metabolism. Do not misunderstand me, this is not the 'smooth bulk' you may see on some body builders. This is dense, quality muscle that will add shape and functionality to your body.

Functional Fitness

The 12BX™ DVD fitness program is not an end in itself. It is meant to develop a fitness level that will enhance your ability to enjoy all the physical aspects of life. Sports performance will increase because all of the 12BX™ moves mimic most functions performed in sports as well as daily life. We push and pull our bodies freely through space. Eg. You trip and fall on the ground. Immediately you push yourself up onto your knees or buttocks, then pull yourself up clutching any furniture or person that may be there (doing 25 lb curls or tricep kick backs will not help you get up). You pull to embrace a loved one or a parcel needed to be moved. You push to repel unwanted people or objects that may injure you.

What About Aerobics?

12BX™ does not see aerobic exercise alone as the key to overall workout fitness. Rather, we view muscular development with endurance and strength as the answer to long term, sustained fat loss. This type of training allows us to burn greater amounts of energy in work, play, and during aerobics.

Why 12 Months, Not 12 Weeks?

This writer believes the dramatic results you see in the popular 12 week/90 day programs represent the exceptional few, not a significant % of the thousands that enroll every year. 12BX™ DVD workout program has formulated every aspect of the plan to lead as many people as possible from Level I Novice to level 12 Elite.

A Personal Note From The Creator of the 12BX™ Fitness Formula

I have always been interested in fitness since I bought some weights and protein powder when I was 12 years old. Over the next 45 years I read countless magazines and books on muscular development and fitness. In that time frame I purchased and diligently followed the articles and courses of numerous fitness stars and guru's spanning four decades. You would think that I would have been an example of lean muscular fitness over those years. That was NOT the case. Rather, my fitness level was mediocre at best. My body and life in general seemed to conspire against me in this regard. Lack of money, time, as well as injuries seemed to limit me to the average guy.

EJ Reeves, creator of the 12BX Fitness Formula DVD set

At 47 years of age I needed to become fit so I could maintain 2 jobs, and become my own fitness model. Over the next 10 years I developed the 12BX™ workout plan and DVD training. The plan that has built this body at 57 years of age. I wish I could say that the plan was my brain child, but it's not. Rather, it's the selection, modification, elimination, and enhancement of various workout training methods I have used over 40 years that make 12BX™ unique. I call this unique combination a fitness formula which is found in the 4 disk DVD set. This formula is what I want to personally lead you through with the 12BX™ fitness formula DVD set. If I can do it, so can you.