Custom L arms

Custom 20" L arms for wider walls for $9.95 plus $14.95 S&H

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Replacement Grips

Replacement grips for your UD6 chin bar $15.95 plus $14.95 S&H

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Custom 20" L arms for wider walls

The UD6 was designed for standard 4½" walls and overhead trim that does not exceed 4" wide. It is not uncommon for older homes, 50+ years, military barracks and some condo construction to have 5 ½" or 6 ½" walls. Just measure your wall thickness from drywall of one room to drywall of hallway. Our 20" custom "L" arms allow you to use your UD6 on standard thickness 4 ½" as well as 5 ½" walls and 6 ½" walls. In addition to this, these arms allow you to use your bar on standard trim above your door (4") as well as trim up to 6".

Standard L arms Custom 20 inch L arms

All L Arms are supplied in pairs, only one is pictured. 20" L arms if ordered with your bar replace the standard arms.

Replacement Grips

Doorway mount replacement grips include: 2 - 6 ½" x ½" foam fulcrums, 4 - 7" x 1/8" foam hand grips and 4 - 4½" x 1/8½ foam hand grips.

Ceiling mount replacement grips include: 11 - 5" x 1/8" foam hand grips. For all wall & ceiling mount chin up bars.

Replacement doorway grips Replacement ceiling mount grips