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Today's Workout Using Tomorrow's Technology

Almost five years ago I was training for my first photo shoot. Using traditional body weight exercises to push and pull my way to a better body. These were extremely tough but netted great results. My chin up routine consisted of wide, medium and narrow grip chin ups. I could squeeze out 70 total reps in slightly less than an hour.

The Troika

In both Polish and Russian, Troika refers to 3 or trio. In particular it refers to the three horse chariot made famous by the Cossacks of old. You need to know three aspects that make your abs visible! Like each of the three stallions that work together to win the chariot race so these three significant aspects will cause the coveted six pack condition.

Chin up Bars Build Big Biceps

Every man wants bulging biceps so many devote time and energy into bicep curls. If you do this you are overlooking the premium bicep builder, the chin up. Why the chin up over the curl? The answer is simple!

Fitness Formula

Everyone is looking for that magic bullet to achieve lean muscularity with dynamite abs, that secret formula if you will! Well I found it (by the trial and error method) but, it WORKS!

S.O.S. - Strength or Size?

To build a better body, a person needs to train with purpose. Goals and objectives must be identified for our training. One of the basic questions we must ask ourselves if whether we are training for muscle strength or muscle size. If you have never even considered this question, but rather opted for the health club line of “toning up” then you will fail in your attempts at building a better body.

S.O.S. - Strength or Size? Part II

Last month we looked at the need for a foundation of strength for a better body. The recommendation was for a month of training that focused on strength. To do this we kept exercises simple, basic and heavy. The rep range was 3-5 per set with 1 to 3 minutes of rest between sets. Now that we have grown in strength it is time to grow in size.

The "No Workout" Workout

Consistency in training is the key to a better body. In the real world though, everything works against us in this regard. Here is a short list of things that cause us to miss workouts.

Predicting & Preventing Pain

Active people will always have some injuries that they must deal with. Hopefully the injuries will be of a minor type that do not sideline you from training. Many fitness writers point to poor form, lack of warm-up and stretching as the causes of injury. While this may be true for the immediate cause there are larger factors at work that you must know about to prevent injury.

Eat, Drink & Be Lean

Everyone knows you cannot eat like a pig and be lean as a greyhound. It therefore makes sense that dieting habits will determine whether we appear soft and smooth or hard and ripped. Now before you say that you cannot handle yet another new diet, let me explain what I am proposing. Eat, drink and be lean is based on adding foods to your diet, not subtracting foods.

Arms & Abs

Arms and abs, what do these two body parts have in common? Most athletes that have razor sharp abs have less than impressive arms, while hulks with massive arms seldom have any visible abs. So you ask what is the connection?

Vacuum Pack Abs

Most of the ab articles are of the starvation plus pain variety.  What I mean is they talk starvation diet, then most couple that with crunches until it hurts!  Who wants 6-pack abs if you have to submit yourself to torture?  Here are some easy, effective tips for narrowing your waist.

Sustainable Growth

During the 80’s businesses analyzed their operation for sustainable growth. They grew tired of the boom/bust cycle, resource wasting, and environment polluting ways of the past.  A new philosophy of resource sparing, efficient, slow but consistent growth emerged that left both the business and the environment healthier.

Partial Workout

One question that comes up repeatedly in my e-mail is how can I increase the number of chin-ups that I presently do?  On one end of the spectrum this question comes from beginners who can only do two or three chin-ups.  It also comes from trained individuals who need to do more reps for a fitness test or a competition.  The answer for both beginner and advanced is the partial workout or better put a workout that incorporates partial chin-ups

Forever Young Workout

Exercise has been touted as the fountain of youth by doctors and fitness writers for the past decade.  The problem with most of us is finding the time, money, energy and correct routine.  Top this off with nagging injuries that sideline us just as we start making progress. Enter my Forever Young Routine that solves these problems.

Eat More

Proper nutrition is critical for 6-pack abs, but diet is such a nasty word.  Hunger pangs and depravation are thoughts that run through our minds when we think of cleaning up our eating habits.

Cut Fat, Build Muscle

To do something right, focus on that one thing! Drop conflicting activities, or at least limit the conflict. Now how do you cut fat and build muscle simultaneously? Cutting your body fat requires you to reduce calories, especially starchy carbs along with fat, below maintenance levels.

Ab Favorites

We all have favorites.  There are favorites foods, activities, people and so on.  Our favorites choices may not be the best but convenient or easy.  When it comes to ab exercise selection let your favorites be the best, most effective ab exercises.  It is no secret hanging leg raises and their variations are my favorites. 

$400,000 Body

They say confession is good for the soul. I have told only a handful of people what I am about now to share publicly. Many people ask how I became so dedicated to fitness? What motivates you at 50 years of age to workouts? What started you on path of inventing, producing and selling your own line of home exercise equipment?