Universal Door Mount (UD-6)

EJ using the UD6 extra wide grip

Hand crafted quality with a lifetime warranty. The UD6 has 1/2"thick foam fulcrums that sit on your door frame to protect your trim. Sitting 4"from your door frame keeps your elbows from rubbing on the door trim. Easy four bolt assembly.

Our products have over 95% American made content. These supplies are shipped by US transport companies to our manufacturing facility in Leamington, Ontario. 

World`s Best Doorway Pull up bar

Hi, my name is EJ Reeves and I make the world's best wide doorway pull up bar, it's 41" wide. Before I go on about the features of my Universal 6 grip doorway pull up bar let me tell you how pull ups gave me a new body. Yes, pull ups not weights but bodyweight exercises.
The secret is two twenty minute sessions a week doing pull ups. The hardest upper body exercise is the wide grip pull up. Since it is the hardest that makes it the best. You might say that is fine but I can't do one wide grip pull up. Well neither could I when I started so I designed a bar that had six different grip positions. These six positions start with an easy narrow grip chin up and each grip after is seven inches wider making each grip slightly more difficult. I have been doing pull ups for a dozen years and my best 1 set maximum is 30 strict repetitions. Check out the video. My best 1 repetition with added weight is 100lbs. Check out that video. My best 6 minute workout had more than 100 pull ups and push ups. Check out that video.
I say this in utter amazement because I never dreamed my pull up journey would bring me this far. You can start your pull up journey now and I would be honored to help with any tips I have learned!

American Made Steel U.S. Flag

I am a retired steel worker and use steel that has been made by American workers in Fairbury, Illinois. My competitors for doorway pull up bars all use made in China pull up bars. There are numerous American companies that import Chinese pull up bars. Feel good about your body and your country!

Safest and Sturdiest Bar On The Market

None of my Chinese/American label competitors use welding on any of their pull up bars. Rather, they use up to 10 fasteners and screws to make an inexpensive product. I have found that critical areas of the pull up bar need to be welded both for sturdiness and a clean, functional design. Our innovative design has 6 different width positions of your hands based on 7" increments. None of the other bars have this variety. Many advertise more than 6 positions but in reality they only have 3 positions with the others as duplicates in the measured width of hand placement.
The UD-6 doorway pull up bar is the only bar that utilizes a cantilever hold on your doorway for all grip positions. This means your hands are always 3 1/2" away from your doorframe. It is impossible to design a bar to do this without welding critical parts. A safer, more secure bar is the result.

Wider doors? Wider walls? Wider trim? No problem!

Easyeffort's UD-6 can fit wider doorways up to a 37" opening. In addition we offer a substitute set of "L" arms for use on wider walls and wider trim. We are the only manufacturer of pull up bars that offers this because we want everyone to have the opportunity to do pull ups with the convenience of a doorway pull up bar. Check out our video demonstrating our wide doorway pull up bar.

Only Pull up bars

We are the only North American manufacturer of doorway pull up bars. In 2000 Easyeffort sold its first pull up bar, that’s 15 years of design and manufacturing expertise. Our specialty is pull up bars for home or office use. We provide personal customer service by phone or email before and after the sale. By comparison other vendors let you guess beforehand if their product will work in your particular door frame and if any part breaks or wears out, like foam grips, you need to buy another bar. We offer replacement foam grips and any part that you may need years after the sale. All we do is pull up bars.

NEW Hybrid Doorway Pull up bar

Assembles and disassembles in seconds! Perfect for travel!

Travel bar disassembled ready for travel

This exciting new design combines all the features of our Universal Door Mount 6 grip doorway pull up bar with the features of our innovative Travel bar. Four threaded inserts have been pressed into the body of the pull up bar then welded. This along with four quick connect bolts equipped with large grip knobs allow you to assemble this bar anywhere, anytime quickly and with no tools! Available with our unique 20" L arms if needed. Use this bar at home and on the road. Great for individuals who travel and want to maintain a pull up routine in hotel rooms or at your friends house.

Check out the video

$89.95 plus $14.95 S&H We cannot accept International & Canadian orders at this time.

This Hybrid Bar is the ultimate in convenience, comfort and features.

Travel bar quick release buttons Travel bar quick release buttons

  1. Fits 28" to 36" doorways. Other bars only fit up to 32" doors.

  2. Equally spaced hand grips along its 41" length. Other bars have add on parts that duplicate many grips giving these bars only 3 at best that are different in width.

  3. Welded fulcrums allow for a strong bar with less parts. Other bars have as many as 10 parts with 10 bolts or screws for assembly.

  4. Welded fulcrums allow for a strong bar with less parts. Other bars have as many as 10 parts with 10 bolts or screws for assembly.

  5. One Valco button along with 4 quick connect bolts with large knobs allow fast and easy assembly with no tools. Other bars will tkae up to an hour to assemble with screw drivers (for screws), adjustable wrenchs (for the bolts) and pliers for the 10 parts and corresponding 10 bolts/screws.

  6. Large foam fulcrums 6 ½" x ½" to protect your wood work. Other bars have foam at 1 ½" x ½".

  7. Unique cantalever hold with welded fulcrums allow all pull up grips to be 3 ½" away from your door trim and elbows. Other bars sit on the frame with elbows weding against your trim for most grips.

  8. Unique cantalever hold squeezes the wall as you put your weight on the bar. Since the levered weight is what holds not the trim, this bar works on the smallest trim. Other bars place significant weight on your trim and need a substantial piece of overhead trim.

Limited quantities are now in stock.

Travel bar disassembled ready for travel

Disassembles and easily fits in a suitcase

Please note that you cannot bring the disassembled Hybrid bar onto a plane with your carry on luggage

The metal parts of the Hybrid bar can be viewed as potential weapons by airport security. You must put the bar in a suitcase that is checked for storage in the belly of the plane, not carry on.

Foreign or domestic? U.S. or China?

It is probably politically incorrect to criticize mega-corporations that only sell Chinese products to the exclusion of North American products. China now manufactures most of America’s consumer products. U.S. manufacturing is the hardest hit by imports from China with millions of good paying manufacturing jobs for American workers gone. Easyeffort buys American made steel, foam grips and even our tools are from U.S. manufacturers. We are a small family business in Leamington, Ontario but we are committed to buying 95% of our supplies from U.S. manufacturers. U.S. workers should benefit from U.S. customers!

Travel bar disassembled ready for travel Travel bar disassembled ready for travel Travel bar disassembled ready for travel Travel bar disassembled ready for travel


What some of our customers are saying about the Hybrid bar:

  • "I received the bar today and everything works great! I really appreciate the well-thought-out design and simplicity for breaking down. Well done!". -Sande

  • "I use it all the time and I take it when I travel as well. Just used it at the Hilton in Saint John, NB" -Juergen

  • "I found your travel pull-up bar on your website; looks perfect for me, as I travel for a living." -Pete

  • "I have received my pull-up bar and loving it. I travel for work and it is nice to be able to bring the gym with me." -John Kaye


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$69.95 + $14.95 S&H We cannot accept International or Canadian orders at this time.

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If your doorway is 24"to 32"wide then you will need our UD5 for $59.95 plus $14.95 S&H Ideal for smaller areas, doors adjacent to walls or apartments.


Your order ships same day if it's in stock! All orders that are received before 4pm EST are shipped via UPS Ground by 6:30pm EST the same day. Delivery is generally 3-5 working days. Monday thru Friday, continental US only.

For Wider Walls

The UD6 was designed for standard 4½" walls and overhead trim that does not exceed 4" wide. It is not uncommon for older homes, 50+ years, military barracks and some condo construction to have 5½" or 6½" walls. Just measure your wall thickness from drywall of one room to drywall of hallway.

Custom 20 inch L arms for wider walls

Our 20" custom "L" arms allow you to use your UD6 on standard thickness 4 ½" as well as 5 ½" walls and 6 ½" walls. In addition to this, these arms allow you to use your bar on standard trim above your door (4") as well as trim up to 6". Purchase your New UD6 with 20" L arms for $79.90 plus $14.95 S&H