Eat, Drink & Be Lean


Be lean!

Everyone knows you cannot eat like a pig and be lean as a greyhound. It therefore makes sense that dieting habits will determine whether we appear soft and smooth or hard and ripped. Now before you say that you cannot handle yet another new diet, let me explain what I am proposing. Eat, drink and be lean is based on adding foods to your diet, not subtracting foods. These foods are healthy and will aid in fat burning, energy management, cholesterol reduction and protection against cancer.

Your success in this diet change will depend on your ability to add these foods. Once you have made these foods a habit, they will begin to displace other foods in your diet. Let me give you a parallel on this displacement process. If it is dark outside or in a room and you turn on a light, that light displaces the darkness. You do not focus your efforts on removing the darkness but rather on adding light.

Ok, enough with the philosophy, let's talk eating and drinking.

#1 Water - 2 bottles with a squirt of lime juice. To be prepared first thing in the morning. This is an absolute must for a lean muscular physique. You can take the water with you anywhere and you know that you have consumed at least this amount of water daily.

#2 Oatmeal - Again this is another first in the day. A hot bowl of instant or cooked oatmeal will only take 5 minutes cooking time and another 2 minutes for preparation.

#3 Apples - A great mid morning snack. An apple a day will keep the doctor away as well as promote a lean body.

#4 Broccoli - Raw or Cooked, my preference is raw with a touch of Ranch dressing. Another favorite of mine is to add broccoli crowns into a salad.

#5 Raw berries - A bowl of fresh berries with no toppings. Try blue berries , raspberries or strawberries. This is a sweet and healthy dessert anytime of the day.

#6 Green Tea - An excellent hot drink if you do not have problems with the caffeine in tea. My daily quota is about 6 cups or one pot.

Be lean!

#7 Spinach - Use it in a salad instead of lettuce. Buy this fresh and use the same day if possible.

#8 Chicken Breast - I like to prepare these myself with a bit of seasoned pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Bake or fry until light brown on the outside and the center is completely white. Do not overcook this one or it will taste like sawdust.

#9 Salmon or Trout - Same as the skinless chicken breasts

#10 Wild Brown Rice - There are some fine products that include seasoning for their wild rice. These are good but I find the amount of seasoning is too much so I use only about half the amount provided.

Bonus Veggies - These include green and yellow beans, brussel sprouts, asparagus spears, cauliflower and carrots.

Bonus Fruit - They are grapefruit, stewed tomatoes, pineapple, oranges or cherries.

Try to include as many of the top ten food and drink items every day. Strive for a score of ten every day.

You have 2 bonus groups that should help you to achieve a 10 per day. Here is my weekly check list on my fridge.

It may take a while to be able to add this list of food and drink into your daily diet. The check list will help. Be patient and keep adding. You will notice over time your appetite will change in favor of wholesome food. Your energy level will increase making cravings virtually disappear.

This check list will begin to displace the following foods and drinks.

1 - High calories and potentially dehydrating pop, wine, beer and coffee (except for workouts)

2 - Quick energy foods full of sugar like many breakfast cereals, donuts, cookies and other sweets.

3 - High fat meats

4 - Excessive starch. Many people eat breads, pasta and potatoes like they are training for a marathon and wonder why they are getting fat. Portion control as well as limiting weekly frequency of starchy carbs in favor of fibrous carbs found in vegetables makes more sense for most of us.

Use the chart to check that your daily score is 10 or better. Also make sure you check your weekly score to see if one or more items are consistently low every week. This will help you focus your effort on a lean, nutrient packed diet.

Eat, drink and be healthy! This will be your foundation for a lean body.