US Suppliers

Easyeffort products have over 95% American made content. These supplies are shipped by US transport companies to our Leamington, Ontario, Canada manufacturing facility.

PTC Tubular Products - Fairbury, Illinois

1" round steel

Leavitt Tube Co - Chicago, Illinois

1 ¼" square steel

Gripworks Sinclair & Rush Company - Kirkwood, Missouri

Foam grips and thick foam fulcrums

DuPont Powder Coatings - Houston, Texas

Various color powder coating and protection

Certi-Etch - Houston, Texas

Certi-Etch Metal Conditioning Compound

International Chemical Products - Huntsville, Alabama

Picklex Metal Conditioning Compound

Central Steel & Wire Co - Detroit, Michigan

Steel Delivery

Vogel Tool & Die - West Chicago, Illinois

Tool Dies

Local UPS Provider - Gross Pointe Farms, Michigan

US Parcel Deliveries

US Postal Service - Detroit, Michigan

International Parcel Deliveries