Fitness Videos Featuring EJ Reeves

12BX Fitness DVDs

In addition to our free videos, we also have our 12BX fitness DVD. It is 4 disks and covering twelve levels of bodyweight workout routines that take you from novice to elite athlete.

Techniques, Philosophy & Fitness Advice

Follow me through my videos as I demonstrate proper pull-up bar techniques, ab-sling moves and the drive powering my philosophy for developing and maintaining my body. Here's an idea of what you can get from the above videos:

  • Proper technique to performing a pull up without cheating
  • How to increase the amount of pull ups you can perform at one sitting
  • How to increase the amount of weight added to your 1 rep max pull up
  • Complete Shoulder & Chest development strategies
  • Some insights into EJ's 12BX DVD fitness plan